ACT212 continuously offers courses and trainings in cooperation with experts.

Would you like to book a presentation? We gladly offer our advice.

We offer presentations on the following topics:

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation

We convey a global and local overview on the issue of human trafficking and illustrate how to take action using relatively simple means.

Loverboys, internet crimes, preventative steps for young people and parents

Traffickers often use the Internet as a platform to connect with potential victims. The age of their target audience constantly decreases. We offer tips on how to take the necessary precautions.

Victim identification

It is important to recognize signs and to know what to do in a given situation. Victims can only be identified if the specific signs are read. This course is ideal for public health service, emergency medical service, social welfare offices, information centers, psychiatric clinics, alien departments and similar institutions.

Are you interested in hosting an anti - human trafficking event?

Perhaps by organizing an information booth, a movie night, an exhibition…

We can help you plan and organize an event and place our materials at your disposal.

Advice Inland and Abroad

  • for organizations that would like to establish themselves in the field of human trafficking
  • for teams and volunteers that work in the red light districts
  • one-on-one counseling
  • Legal advice Switzerland Dr. iur. Peter Rüegger, goldbach law, E-Mail 
    Tel. +41 44 555 31 80


Standard rates on demand.