ACT212 offers courses and trainings in cooperation with experts

We offer presentations on the following topics :


We convey a global and local overview on the issue of human trafficking and show what you can do in case of suspicion. We address various forms of exploitation (e.g. sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, exploitation in organized begging).


Traffickers often use the internet as a platform to connect with potential victims. The age of their target subjects constantly decreases. We provide tips on how to protect yourself from them and how people in the surroundings of potential victims can recognize a possible dependency or exploitation situation.


Victims can only be identified if the specific signs are recognized. We provide knowledge on the indicators of the different forms of exploitation and inform what can be done if there is a suspicion. The content of the presentation depends on the needs of the respective target group.

Would you like to book a presentation? We are happy to advise you.

Are you interested in hosting an anti-human trafficking event?

Perhaps by organizing an information booth, a movie night, an exhibition…

We can help you plan and organize an event and provide you with our materials.

Consulting services within Switzerland or abroad

  • for organizations that would like to establish themselves in the field of human trafficking
  • for teams and volunteers that work in the red-light districts