About ACT212:

The ACT212 Consulting and Training Center against Human trafficking and Sexual exploitation is a non-governmental organisation that is based in the city of Bern, Switzerland

The non-profit association is party-politically independent and denominationally neutral and is exempt from taxes.


Every December 2, the United Nations commemorates the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. 

ACT212 is committed to fight human trafficking and exploitation in and outside of Switzerland. The association serves as a point of contact  for questions and challenges in the field of human trafficking and offers support with its expertise.

ACT212 seeks to:

  • identify victims of human trafficking or sexual exploitation
  • guarantee a comprehensive protection for victims
  • achieve an effective punishment of perpetrators

Consulting & Training

ACT 212 organizes symposia and training days in collaboration with experts and like-minded organizations.

Raising awareness

The association seeks to raise awareness in Switzerland and abroad on the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation by giving speeches and though information campaigns.

Supporting & networking

 ACT 212 operates a national hotline that receives reports related to situations of trafficking and exploitation and relays them to the appropriate governmental and non-governmental institutions. Existing institutions and services in Switzerland are thereby connected and strengthened.