How can I help? What can I report?

Possible Scenarios


Nina* is 14 years old and has transferred to a new school. She has some troubles with her parents and spends increasing amounts of time in online chat rooms. That is where she gets to know Luca*, who appears to be her knight in shining armor. Nina falls head over heels for Luca. She starts an intense relationship with him and spends all her time with him. A few weeks later, Luca* sells her for the first time to a suiter in a hotel room. Nina has fallen into a trap, from which she can hardly escape.

Nina’s parents call the hotline and are connected with the justice and information center for young people.

Forced prostitution

After graduating, Aurica* cannot find employment in Bulgaria. A friend offers to place her in a promising job in Switzerland. After arriving in Switzerland, she soon realizes that she had been sold to human traffickers. The traffickers force Aurica to pay her debts of the transportation fees through prostitution.

Someone calls the national hotline. Aurica now receives help.

Forced labor

Waleska* calls our hotline and explains how she has been working for a Swiss family over several weeks, taking care of an elderly man. She had to work day and night for very little pay. The family allowed almost no time off, discriminated against her, and threatened her. Waleska would like to file charges.

A young man named Safak* works 24/7 at a local store. He is forced to sell illegal goods. His pay is withheld, and when he asks about it, he is continually brushed off. When he tries to take action, he is threatened. An observant customer calls the national hotline.

Organized begging

Arjona* and Damian* beg in Swiss cities. They are always stationed in areas where Tourists frequent. Like other beggars, they are picked up by car in the evening and have to hand over the collected money to a gang leader. During autumn season they go door-to-door begging and claiming to be students. They have no chance of escaping their situation, until an observant woman reports the case to ACT212.

*Names have been altered