Campaigns  and initiatives against Human Trafficking and Exploitation

Learn more about campaigns and awereness raising activities around the world.

FAST: The Podcast

Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking: The Podcast is a series exploring the connections between global finance and modern slavery and human trafficking, hosted by James Cockayne, Head of the Secretariat of the Liechtenstein Initiative housed at United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 

We’ll look at all the different ways the financial sector can harness its leverage to end modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking, and bring you a roundup of all the latest developments, from environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulation to revealing research.

Uber rides and your safety: How the rideshare company is helping fight carjackings, sex trafficking

It could be a local driver who's a victim of a carjacking or a rider at risk of human trafficking. In an ABC7 exclusive interview, an Uber Security expert explain to the I-Team how its own security experts work with police, and how the app's technology can keep you safe.


Article by Jason Knowles and Ann Pistone (26.04.2021)

Awareness raising among truckers

Truck drivers travel far and wide and can witness situations related to human trafficking in their day-to-day work. Therefore, there are more and more campaigns that raise awareness about the issue among this important group.

Initiative in the USA