suspicion of exploitation using the loverboy method / domestic violence

The father of a young woman gets in touch with ACT212.

His daughter, who just turned 18, has been in a relationship with a man who she met online. He is a few years older than she is. Ever since she has gotten to know him, the young woman starts changing drastically. She withdraws from her family, starts to smoke marihuana, and misses work on a regular basis. The father reports that the boyfriend tries to gain full control over his daughter. One time, the neighbours call the police because they hear cries coming from their apartment. The daughter later explains that she was just being silly with her boyfriend. When she has bruises, she says that they stem from goofing around with him. The parents worry that the boyfriend is not only violent towards their daughter but might also exploit her sexually.

ACT212 puts the father is contact with a counselling service that assists victims and their families.